My latest horse sculptures! Magnificently splashed with colors and adorned with a large turquoise nugget, delicate feathers and beads. Inspired by the Trail of Painted Ponies here in Santa Fe, I have created a Spirit Pony that captures the enchantment of the Southwest. The semi precious stone and the Healing hand pendant are sacred symbols of the Native Americans. They believed that dreams of wild ponies seen during a vision quest represented freedom, magical powers and blessings from the creator. This one-of-a-kind painted pony comes with a special Native American name, a certificate and story card. It's kiln-fired ceramic, painted with layers of colors and washes with horse hair mane and tail. This darling pony stands a mere 10" to the top of his mane.

Carrying a large turquoise nugget on his saddle, this Painted Pony is the latest creation from my studio in the southern Rocky Mountains. Delicate feathers and beads decorate this one of a kind creation. Inspired by the Trail of Painted Ponies in Santa Fe, I've created this darling little Spirit Pony to bring a little piece of the Southwest to your home. His turquoise nugget and Healing Hand pendant are sacred symbols of Native Americans. Ponies that come to you in dreams or visions are symbols of freedom, magical powers and a blessing from the creator. Given a special Native American name and signed, my Spirit Pony comes with a certificate and story card. Standing a mere 10", he is sculpted in clay and fired, then painted with layers of washes and acrylic paint. Horse collectors' delight!


Magnificently splashed with color, the Appaloosa horse is an enduring symbol of the Southwest. Brought to the Americas by the Spaniards, they proved useful for exploring the new lands. Native Americans believed these horses were magical, sending messages through their skin. Unusually marked horses were highly prized and displayed extraordinary powers. Carrying a turquoise nugget, each Spirit Horse is marked with ancient symbols. The painted circle around the horse’s eye aids in vision. Lightning bolts are for speed in travel, tiny dots and arrows indicate the winds of change. The spiral circle represents Life’s journey, a handprint signifies ownership and strength. Considered revered members of the tribe, they were honored as Spirit or Medicine Horses. Sculpting and decorating each “Spirit Horse” individually I try to capture the essence of the animal totem. The horse embodies enduring strength, power and freedom. Turquoise is a symbol of friendship, wisdom and protection of the home. It absorbs negative energy. Connected with the magical powers of the Shaman, the horse is the first totem animal spirit. Each horse is sculpted in clay, fired and hand painted with layers of colors. Delicate pheasant feathers, vintage beads and leather fringe embellish his saddle. A beautiful turquoise nugget symbolizing friendship, is placed on his back and a small medicine bag holds sage and small shards for protection. Horse medicine teaches us to tap into our own inner power.

Invoke your horse totem to access your personal inner spirit and strength.

Misha sculpts a variety of Spirit Horse Collector's items. Please click on each item to read more about it and see it larger.

Dream Horse Wall Sculpture

Men's Jewelry Box

Men's Jewelry Box

Women's Jewelry Box

Celestial Horse

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Misha's Spirit Horses are clay sculptures. They are fired in the kiln and have layers of acrylic paints and unique patinas. Each has such a unique personality, so each decorated horse has a fringed leather saddle, feathers, fur remnants and genuine turquoise nuggets. I then add dyed deer hair for the mane and tail. Turquoise is sacred to Native Americans and is considered a "protective" or grounding stone. I use vintage glass beads, tin cones and hand made fetishes as embellishments. A tiny medicine bag filled with healing and protective herbs and shards of pottery hangs from the saddle. Each "Spirit Horse" is given a Native American name, signed and dated and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Spirit Horses are one of a kind. Each American Indian totem animal is sacred. They are 12" - 18" tall, decorated with authentic turquoise, vintage beads, feathers, furs and horsehair. Shadow boxes are all 8" wide x 7" high and 2 1/2 " deep. Ready to hang on wall or comes with display stand.

Appaloosa &
Shadow Box


Horse with Turquoise

Red Horse &
Shadow Box

Achak Spirit Horse




Horse with Crystal

Horse Standing Tall

Wild horses roam the desert, their thundering hooves echo in the canyons. Slipping into the twilight, the herd continues on its journey. As the dust settles, a shadow appears. Standing solitary in the moonlight. One horse remains. Indian legends call him the "Spirit Horse."

Pinto Horse
Shadow Box

Horse Amulet Necklace

Spiral Horse &
Shadow Box

Ancient Horse of Lascaux

Ancient Horse

Creating "Spirit Horses" I wanted to capture all the unique elements that make horses sacred to Indian Warriors and all Native Americans. Sculpting each horse individually, I insure that each is unique and has its own personality. A circle painted around his eye helps the horse to see while the handprint symbolized ownership and the bond between man and horse.

Wearable art!! Spirit horses that can be worn as a pin or a pendant or just displayed on your wall as artwork. Beautiful 8" x 10" rustic shadow box displays your artwork.

Misha Sculpting her clay spirit horses

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